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Reviews :


The Wall Street Journal

“Tremolo Percussion Ensemble—which is used vigorously in some movements, and more subtly elsewhere—perform the piece with eloquence and precision”


UNED- Costa Rica:

“The Musicians of Tremolo Ensemble present new meaning to the art of stage in music and bring their musical level to new peaks.”


HaAretz, Israel:

“Tremolo Ensemble – a rising force in music, education and musical social activity in Israel.”


The Israeli Drums and Percussion Portal:

“One of the best performances I have seen in Israel yet!

It was a great pleasure to watch the concert, which was so musically refreshing and inspirational! The compositions were complex, yet melodious, full with emotions and harmony and perfectly performed by wonderful musicians!”


Yediot Aharonot, Israel: 

“A melody of percussion- The musicians have taken over the stage of the Jerusalem theatre! These talented musicians seem to enjoy every moment. The audience remains silent so not to disturb the silence, which also arises from the ensemble.

With the right touch, so it seems, percussion can be soft and amazingly melodious, when they receive lots of love.” 



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