Among Tremolos varied activities, it also operates as the percussion department of the Netanya Conservatory.

The percussion department provides extensive music education to children and teens between the ages of 8-18. 

Tremolos conservatory students participate in percussion ensembles, orchestras, and also have academic studies (ear training, theory and music literature). 

Tremolos students have won many contests, including America-Israel Cultural Foundation scholarships, Israel Philharmonic Competition for young musicians and are regularly accepted to the National Youth Symphony, the Young Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, the IDF Band and the Outstanding Musician IDF service.

Young Tremolo Ensemble perform in concerts across the country and occasionally participate in concerts with Tremolo Ensemble. Many of our students continue their studies at music academies in Israel and abroad.



While studying here, Tremolo becomes the students’ second home. They are involved in the city’s communal life and play an important role in shaping the cultural scene in Netanya as well as in Israel.

Tremolo Percussion Center is the external consultant of The Ministry of Education.

As such Tremolo has composed the national recital matriculations exams for percussion.

Tomer Yariv has wrote “Journey to the Percussion World” – a methodical percussion book, as commissioned by The Ministry of Education. The method of teaching, presented throughout the book had been adopted and declared as the official percussion teaching method in Israeli conservatories across the country.


Percussion teachers from more than 80 conservatories across Israel, have already studied in Tremolo the updated percussion method.