About us


At the present, the world is in the midst of a percussion renaissance! Composers present more compositions for percussion, new and exotic percussion instruments, from various areas of the world, are often presented in compositions, Orchestras and ensembles worldwide play a repertoire placing more emphasis on the percussion part, festivals host a distinguished medley of percussion musicians and instruments, and in principle, the percussion culture is taking its long deserved place, at the center of the stage!

This new reality was the trigger to establish Tremolo – percussion center Israel, Netanya.

Tremolo – Percussion Center Israel established in 2012 and is based in Netanya (Israel) under the major goal and vision of developing the percussion scene in Israel from different aspects – education, performances, composition, orchestral, chamber and solo approach.

Tremolo‘s approach interweaves methodical and theoretical activities to varied audiences and active performances on different levels starting from kindergarten, through elementary, high-school and university students, and up to international acclaimed percussion musicians!

Among Tremolos feeding ground, one can find master classes, conferences, platform for national music matriculation exams by the Ministry of Education, lectures, performances and competitions by local /international artists. It also develops joint programs with the America-Israel Cultural Foundation and other cultural entities. 

Tremolo center is declared by the ministry of education as the only external advisory for percussion studies in Israel.