Educational programs 


Our interaction with children and teenagers gives us the opportunity to expose the world of music and percussion in an innovative and welcoming way.

Enabling and spreading experience of “classical”, “modern” and “world music” in our world of Tremolo” way is our vision in times of instant content. 

“Tremolo, the Israeli percussion Center” act as the certified percussion advisory of the Ministry of education and culture in Israel and as its representative Ensemble We accept and fulfil the challenge of exposing young audiences to rich repertoire and hundreds of instruments in our educational programs.

HaAretz, Israel:

“Tremolo Ensemble – a rising force in music, education and musical social activity in Israel.”



“Tremolo and the treasure of imagination”

This is our main program – approved and promoted by the Israeli ministry of education and culture engage us with ten thousands! of elementary schools pupils every year!
We take our young audience to a musical journey via different historical and geographical  areas playing from Bach to John Williams and from Brazil to Japan.
this Journey is accompanied with fascinating verbal presentation and interaction with the kids, giving them a “classical concert” experience , surely a one they’ll positively remember, gaining some knowledge connecting music to its cultural aspects.


Recitals, masterclasses and workshops

These versatile engagements with music and percussion students and teachers are based on demand and the program is planned together with the ordering educational institute.

Tremolo Center director, Mr. Tomer Yariv is the Head of the Percussion Departments in both Israeli Music Academies- Buchman-Mehta School of Music at the Tel Aviv University and at the Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance . most educational events with percussion teachers are being hosted by Mr. Yariv. 

In these events we dive into technics, approaches, musical interpretation, rhythm exercises, percussion pieces demonstrations with guidance.

Tremolo Center in its inhouse collaboration with the Ensemble initiate percussion conventions and masterclasses almost on a monthly basis.