Educational programs


Our interaction with children and teenagers gives us the opportunity to expose the world of music and percussion in an innovative and welcoming way.

HaAretz, Israel:

“Tremolo Ensemble – a rising force in music, education and musical social activity in Israel.”



”Tremolo and the treasures of imagination”

This is our main program – approved and promoted by the Israeli ministry of education and culture engage us with ten thousands! of elementary schools pupils every year!
We take our young audience to a musical journey via different historical and geographical  areas playing from Bach to John Williams and from Brazil to Japan.
this Journey is accompanied with fascinating verbal presentation and interaction with the kids, giving them a “classical concert” experience , surely a one they’ll positively remember, gaining some knowledge connecting music to its cultural aspects.





”Little shop of miracles”

Musical show in which the kids will take active part- they will march like knights, dance like ballerina, will trumpet like elephant and of course will laugh like there is no tomorrow.

little shop of miracles combines integrates well known classical pieces like “The Nutcracker”, “The Carnival of the Animals” aside to Israeli classics such as “Sha’on Ben Hail” and World Music and of curse- percussion instruments such as xylophone, drums, bells, cymbals and a suitcase full of surprises!